Executive 2017-2018

Co-Presidents (Updated July 26, 2017)

The co-presidents are the Chief Executives of the AGSU, and are responsible for the activities of the executive.  They chair the executive meetings, set the agenda for future meetings, and send notices to the General Membership over the grad student listserv. If you have any questions about the AGSU or anthropology, and do not know who to contact, send them an email.

Elisabeth Feltaous

Elisabeth is in her second year of a PhD in Medical Anthropology. You can contact her at elisabeth.feltaous@mail.utoronto.ca or the AGSU e-mail address, agsu@utoronto.ca. 

Miriam Hird-Younger

Miriam is a second year doctoral student in sociocultural anthropology. You can contact her at miriam.hird.younger@mail.utoronto.ca.


Social Coordinator

 The social coordinator(s) plan, organize, advertise, and schedule AGSU social events.  This include the three department Wine & Cheeses, as well as any social or mentorship events.  Any events proposed by AGSU membership should be reviewed by the social coordinator(s).


Keegan Selig

Keegan is a second year doctoral student under Mary Silcox. His academic interests include dental morphology, palaeoanthropology, and primatology. You can contact him at keegan.selig@mail.utoronto.ca.

Natalia Handziuk

Natalia is a first-year PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Ted Banning. She studies the Early Bronze Age economy in the Levant, with a focus on the origins and spread of the olive oil industry in the Mediterranean. You can contact her at natalia.handziuk@mail.utoronto.ca. 



The secretary is responsible for taking minutes at all executive and General Membership meetings. Minutes areposted on the AGSU website following the monthly executive meeting, and copies can be distributed to members upon request.


Peter Muirhead

Peter is a first year PhD student under the direction of Katie Kilroy-Marac and Michael Lambek. His academic interests include psychiatry, ethics and politics, and he is currently finalizing his field site. You can contact him at peter.muirhead@mail.utoronto.ca.



The treasurer is the second signatory on all cheques issued by the AGSU, and is responsible for maintaining account books.  They sign off on budget requests for events that have been approved at the executive level.  They compose the preliminary budget at the beginning of an academic year, as well as the final budget following the second semester (May).  The final budget is available for viewing by the general membership. Contact the treasurer with any questions about budgets or reimbursements.

Mallory Atell

Mallory is in the first year of her MSc in evolutionary anthropology. She is interested in hominin growth and development, contact between Neanderthal and early modern humans, and the evolution of the human growth pattern. This is her first year on the AGSU. You can contact her at mallory.atell@mail.utoronto.ca.  


Communications Coordinator (Updated July 26, 2017)

 The communications coordinator is in charge of updating the AGSU website with meeting minutes, event notices, and grad student bios. 

Leigh Manley

Leigh is a second year PhD student under the supervision of Alejandro Paz and Ivan Kalmar, and is interested in anthropology of media, populism, Islamophobia, and heritage. This is her second year as the communications coordinator for the AGSU. You can email her about website updates and communications bulletins at leigh.manley@mail.utoronto.ca or the AGSU e-mail account, agsu@utoronto.ca.

Space and Resource Coordinator

The space and resource coordinator’s main task is to collect applications and assign student offices in August.  They work with the Department Manager in anthropology to organize office moving dates, and represent grad students on the Space and Resources Committee (STG). Contact the resource coordinator with any questions about desk or office space.


 Anne Roussel

Anne is in the first year of her PhD in sociocultural and linguistic anthropology. She is interested by the intersection of mobility, language and citizenship. Her research looks at the language practices of immigrants in Quebec, where language politics create tensions and expectations regarding immigrants' language use. You can reach Anne at anne.roussel@mail.utoronto.ca. 

CUPE Representatives

The CUPE reps attend the monthly CUPE meetings and report to the AGSU executive on the activities of this organization.  A rep also fulfills the role of a Union Steward, as outlined by CUPE regulations.


Elisabeth Felatous

Elisabeth is a first year PhD student in medical anthropology. She is interested in Inuit health and subjectivity. 

James Gibb


Samantha Stead


Graduate Student Union Representatives

The GSU reps attends the monthly Graduate Student Union meetings and reports to the AGSU executive on the activities of this organization.


Daniel Kwan


Branden Rizzuto

Branden is a 2nd year archaeology PhD student under the co-supervision of Edward Swenson and Edward Banning. This is his 2nd year as Graduate Student Union (GSU) representative on the AGSU. Branden also serves as Academic and Funding Commission (Divisions 1 and 2) on the GSU Executive Committee, as well as a graduate student representative on the Arts and Science Council. Branden's main research interests include archaeometallurgy; archaeometry; the archaeology of technology; craft production; and the intersection of technology, ritual, and socio-political landscapes. Branden's doctoral research focuses on the origins and development of arsenic bronze technologies on the north coast of Peru, as well as the role of these technologies within wide-scale shifts in the socio-political landscape of the region during the Middle Horizon Period (600 - 1000 CE). He can be contacted at branden.rizzuto@mail.utoronto.ca. 

Taylor Thorton

Taylor is a second year PhD student under the supervision of Max Friesen. As a North American archaeologist working in both the Canadian Arctic and the Eastern Woodlands, her research focuses on human-environment interactions through the use of GIS, remote sensing, and geophysical prospection. She can be reached at taylor.thornton@mail.utoronto.ca.


Computer Coordinator

The computers coordinator is responsible for the maintenance of the AGSU computer lab, as well as the general upkeep/upgrading of related equipment.   

Computer Coordinator: Robert Martin



Anthropology Graduate Periodical

The Anthropology Graduate Periodical editors coordinate the publication of our online anthropology grad student journal.  They are responsible for all duties surrounding publication, including soliciting, submissions, editing submitted work, layout, and advertising.  The Lead Editor maintains the website and contacts lists, coordinates duties among the other editors, and is the main point of contact for inquiries.  They also liaise with university departments, professional associations, and so on.


Laura Beach

Laura is the lead editor of the Anthropology Graduate Periodical. Her research interests include violence, self-harm, incarceration, abolitionist and de/anti-colonial theories and movements, human rights rhetorics, and the criminalization and medicalization of lived experience. You can email her at l.beach@mail.utoronto.ca. 


Morganne Blais-McPherson


Jessica Broe-Vayda


Melody Devries


Elisabeth Felatous

See CUPE representatives above.

Tamara Kumpan


Steve Rhodes


Devin Ward

Devin Ward is a first year PhD Student in Evolutionary Anthropology with Dr. Bence Viola and Dr. Mary Silcox.  She studies the causes and consequences of morphological variation of the inner ear in modern humans.  This is her first year with the AGSU.  You can contact her at devin.ward@mail.utoronto.ca.


Medusa Coordinators

The Medusa coordinators organize, schedule, and advertise the Medusa Graduate Student Symposium or lecture series. 2012-13 was the first year that the AGSU hosted a symposium style Medusa event, which attracted anthropologists from every sub-discipline across the University of Toronto, as well as from other universities.  In the past, Medusa was organized as a series of grad student colloquiums, occurring several times a year depending on presenter interest.

 Mallory Atell

See Treasurer above.

Tyla Becky


James Gibb


Miriam Hird-Younger

Miriam is a first year PhD student in socio-cultural anthropology. Miriam's research interest include international development, participatory development and research, Ghana, gender, and trust.

Courtneay Hopper


Nirmala Ramprasad

Nirmala is a MA student in socio-cultural anthropology under Jack Sidnell. Her research interests include cultural identity, subjectivity, suicide, and development.


Members at Large

MALs attend executive meetings, sit on AGSU committees, and provide assistance to other executives in their respective roles.  MALs may be asked to fill in for the secretary at meetings, and are responsible for helping out at AGSU social events.


Peter Bikolous


Samantha Easy


Oggni Rahman


Departmental Committees

Departmental committee representatives are chosen each year.  Duties and time required varies by position.


Website Committee



Community, Colloquium & Advancement Committee



Repatriation Committee