GSU Pub Nights

The GSU pub nights are regular events that take place on the last Thursday of every month.  All anthropology grad students are encouraged to come out for some drinks, shelf pizza, and good company.  Pub nights often begin at 5 pm, as the place can become busy with non-anthropologists off and on throughout the year.  The GSU offers a patio in the warmer months and a pool table for those with skills.

The next GSU Pub Night is on Thursday March 9th, 7:00pm above Prenup Pub .

Coffee Breaks

The AGSU hosts several informal coffee breaks during the academic year.  All students are welcome to join us for some free hot drinks and sweet snacks on all U of T campuses.  Times and dates for the coffee breaks will be announced throughout the year via the grad student listserv and Facebook page, so keep an eye out if you like complementary refreshments and some socializing.  We try to schedule breaks during particularly stressful times of the year, because taking a chance to relax is important!

Departmental Wine and Cheese

The AGSU plans three wine & cheese events with the support of the Anthropology Department.  The fall and spring events are informal gatherings, where students and faculty can mingle at the beginning and end of the academic year.  In the past, the wine & cheeses have been held in the department lobby, but we have recently moved them to the Croft Chapter House.  These informal events are free to all students and faculty.

The winter wine & cheese is our semi-formal event, which takes place before the winter holidays in December.  Tickets for this event can be purchased in advance or at the door, and beverages will be provided at a reduced price (details will be provided closer to the event).  This is a great chance to dress up and see everyone before the winter break.

Times and dates for these events will be announced through the anthropology listservs, as well as on our Facebook page and AGSU website.  All students are encouraged to contribute to the refreshments, so if you love to bake or cook, this is your chance to share with us all!  Remember, if you bring something delicious to a wine & cheese event you may seek reimbursement from the AGSU by filling out a simple form, located on our "forms" page.

The next Wine and Cheese: April 12th above O'Grady's.


Departmental Volleyball Tuesdays

Fun fact: sometimes we play volleyball!  Games happen weekly at the GSU gym, conveniently located in the same building as the GSU pub.  If you would like more info or wish to join the anthropology department team, please contact Malcolm Ramsay or Nav Nahal (co-presidents): malcolm.ramsay(at) and

Mentorship Events

For every incoming cohort the AGSU arranges for new students to have a more senior grad student as a mentor.  Being a mentor or mentee is completely voluntary, and can involve varying levels of interaction.  The primary event takes place following the Orientation Day program offered by the department in early September.  Mentors can then answer any questions a mentee might have concerning grad school, U of T, and grad life in general.  The mentor will also act as a contact for future advice and concerns.

Students will be matched according to sub-discipline or specific topics of interest that are listed on our mentorship form.  New and current students are contacted before September to request participation.  We hope that our mentorship program provides students with the contacts and support they need to feel confident about starting their grad career.



If you have any questions about social events, feel free to contact our Social Coordinators at and